The 4 Best Pistols in Shadowrun

December 24, 2015

My list for the best Shadowrun 5th Edition pistols to buy your Shadowrunning teammate this holiday season!

How to Best Use Your Edge in Shadowrun 5th Edition

November 26, 2015

Trying to decide if you should Pre-Edge or Post-Edge on your next roll? This video will help you decide!

10 Things That Make Shadowrun, Shadowrun

October 31, 2015

All the things that define Shadowrun and make that game the unique game that it is.

Taking Control Away From Players – In Medias Res Scenarios

October 22, 2015

Where I talk about how to mix things up by taking away some player control.

6 Rules For GMing Investigation Scenarios

October 9, 2015

Some useful tips on how to run those tricky investigation scenarios with your players.

New Show!

September 21, 2015

First episode of a new vlog I’m launching! In this episode I introduce myself and discuss how I approach creating balanced combat encounters.