GM Screen – Cover

December 22, 2017

GM Screen – Sensors

December 8, 2017

GM Screen – Knockdown

November 24, 2017

Complex Action AP #61 – God’s Gonna Cut You Down

October 22, 2017

They’ve come all the way to the end. Everything has led to this point. This confrontation. Good or bad… right or wrong… this is where they are… Where they’ve ended up… Maybe this will, one way or another, put an end to their problems…  If only something like that ever worked. If it were only […]

Complex Action AP #60 – Waffle House… Then Vengeance

October 15, 2017

A little bit of time has passed as the remaining group processes what they have to do and who they’re up against. They’ve got an entire gang to go up against. But first… Elric has to make a visit to check in someone he’s been worried about.